Liebert CRV 24kW DX In-Row Air Conditioners

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Liebert CRV 24kW direct expansion (DX) air cooled in-row air conditioners from Vertiv are designed to provide high efficiency precision cooling within a compact footprint for sever room and datacentre rack level installation. The CRV series removes heated air from the hot-aisle and uses it to return cooled air to the server (cold-aisle). The units provide full capacity and airflow modulation to match server loads, delivering energy savings via their compressors with capacity modulation, Electronic Expansion Valves and variable speed EC Fans.

The units provide a comprehensive range of associated functions including cooling, humidification, dehumidification, re-heating, air filtration, condensation management, temperature and humidity control, alarm functions and data communications and include Integrated Vertiv ICOMô Control for capacity and airflow management. All components are easily accessible from the front and the rear of the unit to assist service and preventative maintenance and simplify cable and pipe routing from the top to the bottom of the units.

CRV CR025RA DX Features

  • High Efficiency Scroll/Rotary Compressor with Capacity Modulation
  • Electronic expansion valve
  • EC plug fans
  • R410A Refrigerant
  • Adjustable modular baffle system
  • Top/Bottom connections
  • Levelling feet
  • Filters with up to F5 filtration class and clog filter switch
  • Electrode humidifier
  • Electric reheat 1-stage
  • Internal condensate pump
  • User Friendly Display
  • Remote rack temperature sensors
  • Monitoring card for WEB, Modbus and BACnet
  • Teamworking functionality
  • Humidity control: standard

CRV CR020RA DX Options

  • Additional remote rack temperature sensors
  • Dual power supply with ATS on selected models
  • Installation and maintenance contracts

Outdoor Drycooler Units

  • Ambient Temperature up to 35degC: standard noise HCR33, low noise HCR43
  • Ambient Temperature up to 40degC: standard noise HCR43, low noise HCR51
  • Ambient Temperature up to 46degC: standard noise HCR51, low noise HCR59