HWg-SH4 Server Rack Access System Controllers

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The HWg-SH4 is an access control system for server racks and cabinets and works with electromagnetic locks and compatible RFID readers in a server room or datacentre environment. The device can work with a single rack or row of server cabinets. Each SH4 device connects to two electro-magnetic locks and two RFID readers.

Key Features

  • Controls two electromagnetic locks
  • Connects two independent RFID readers (with or without keypad)
  • The SH4 unit can control up to 16 HWg-SH4e and HWg-SH4s units
  • Online and Offline mode functions
  • Online mode uses central management server application HWg-DCD
  • SNMP for remote supervising in monitoring centres
  • Supports SNMP traps
  • Supports compatible RFID readers and rack door handles


HWg-SH4 can be used to provide access control to a server rack or cabinet in a server room or datacentre. The device is installed inside a server rack and an RFID reader is placed on the doors or one of the doors in the server rack row. An HWg-SH4 device can be used with individual HWg-SH4e or HWg-SH4s units for subordinated rack or cabinet doors.

Physical Installation

  • Metal Case: IP40
  • Installation: server rack
  • Design: Industrial, IT, server rooms

Operation Schematic

HWG SH4 Server Rack Access Schematic