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APC Easy UPS On-line SRV 1000VA Long Runtime UPS

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The APC Easy UPS SRV1KIL is a 1000VA/800W online double-conversion uninterruptible power supply designed to be installed with long runtime battery extension packs to protect critical IT servers and electronic systems. The UPS provides power conditioning, a no-break output sinewave supply and has a built-in automatic bypass.


  • ECO Mode: an green energy saving mode allowing the input voltage range to be adjusted via the front panel LCD
  • Intelligent Battery Management: to maximise battery performance and help extend working life through temperature compensated charing
  • Overvoltage Cut-off Device Protection: to prevent damage to the UPS from high over voltage surges
  • Input Power Factor Correction: for reduced installation cable costs and generator compatibility
  • LCD Display: an intuitive interface provides detailed and accurate information on UPS and battery performance
  • Communications Ports: USB, RS232 and dry signal contacts
  • Communications Card Interface Slot: for the APC Network Management Card
  • Automatic Diagnostic Testing: automatic periodic battery self-testing to provide early indication that the UPS battery requires replacement
  • Built-in Automatic Bypass: to safely transfer the UPS load(s) to the mains power supply if the UPS develops a fault condition or is overloaded
  • Extended Runtime Battery Packs: L models to scale up the UPS runtime to several hours

The APC Easy UPS SMV series is available in 1kVA, 2kVA, 3kVA, 6kVA and 10kVA UPS sizes.

APC Easy UPS SRV1KIL Applications

  • IT network servers and storage devices
  • High performance computers and workstations
  • Server room racks
  • Data centre server cabinets
  • Automated industrial control applications

APC Easy SRV UPS Range

VA/W Format SKU
1kVA/800W Tower Standard SRV1KI
1kVA/800W Tower Extended Runtime SRV1KIL
1kVA/800W Rack Mount SRV1KRIRK
2kVA/1600W Tower Standard SRV2KI
2kVA/1600W Rower Extended Runtime SRV2KIL
2kVA/1600W Rack Mount SRV2KRIRK
3kVA/2400W Tower Standard SRV3KI
3kVA/2400W Tower Extended Runtime SRV3KIL
3kA/2400W Rack Mount SRV3KRIRK
6kVA/6kW Tower Standard SRV6KI
6kVA/6kW Tower Extended Runtime SRV6KIL
6kVA/6kW Rack Mount Extended Runtime SRV6KRIRK
6kVA/6kW Rack Mount SRV6KRILRK
10kVA/10kW Tower Standard SRV10KI
10kVA/10kW Tower Extended Runtime SRV10KIL
10VA/10kW Rack Mount SRV10KRIRK
Brand: APC by Schneider
Input Supply: 230Vac (110-285Vac at 60% load) 50Hz
Output Supply: 220/230/240Vac, 50/60Hz +/-0.5%
Power Rating: 1000VA/800W
Efficiency: 88% (AC mode)
Runtime: Plug-in battery extension packs
Connections: 3xIEC C13
Dimensions: 145Wx288Dx223Hmm
Nett Weight: 9.3Kg
Warranty: 36 months electronics, 24 months batteries
Maintenance Contract: Maintenance Contracts Silver, Gold, Platinum and Battery Replacement Kits

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