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General information and technical advice the data centre refurbishment services available from Server Room Environments.

When Is The Right Time To Refurbish Your Datacentre?

Server Room and Datacentre Refurbishment Projects

For many organisations, there is no right time to refurbish their server room or datacentre environments. In use 24/7 means that any refresh whether of a critical system or the entire facility is going to result in a period of downtime. However, most facilities are designed with a set working lifetime of 10-15 years and […]

How To Improve the Energy Efficiency of Datacentre UPS Systems

Modular UPS Electronics

Energy efficiency is a key metric within server rooms and datacentres. For many colocation and hyperscale datacentres, monitoring how efficiently energy is used is as much about benchmarking as it about reducing electricity bills. Server room and datacentre hardware manufacturers continue to invest in and develop the energyeffiency of their systems. Whether it is a […]

The Benefits of Liquid Cooling Solutions Over Air Conditioning Systems

Liquid Cooled Server Racks

The datacentre industry is under immense pressure to reduce its energy usage and achieve a smaller carbon footprint. One of the biggest users of non-compute energy are the cooling solutions used within hyperscale down to medium and small-sized datacentres. The traditional air-based cooling systems have always been the ‘go-to’ solution for datacentres and server rooms […]

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