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AKCP sensorCFD Data Centre Airflow Modelling Software

On Premise or Cloud
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AKCP sensorCFD

The AKCP sensorCFD Data Centre Airflow Modelling Software Tool has been designed to help data centre operators optimise their cooling systems and save energy. With sensorCFD, you can create a Digital Twin of your data centre, which can be used to simulate operational scenarios and changes, and predict performance in terms of efficiency and reliability. A digital twin can also be used to compare actual ‘real-world’ sensor data to the model for comparison and to identify design to performance issues that could be resulting in lower energy usage, hot-spots and poor cooling.

What is sensorCFD?

sensorCFD is a tool for modelling and predictng airflow in a server room or data centre environment. Data from AKCP sensors (installed onto the server cabinets and racks) is collated for the sensorCFD monitoring tool to graphically model. Using sensorCFD helps to reduce operating costs, avoid hot and cold air paths mixing, prevent over and under cooled areas of the data centre space, including hot and cold aisles and the server cabinets themselves.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

With sensorCFD sensor values can be added both manually and automatically in real-time from the installed AKCP sensors for each server cabinet or rack for the simulation to run. sensorCFD can therefore produce an extremely accurate simulation and forecast of the air flow and cooling paths within the server room or data centre space. Automated alerts can also be set-up when recorded values move outside of pre-set bands.

Digital Twin

sensorCFD can be used with AKCPro Server software to create a digital twin for data centre performance monitoring and predictive performance.

How to use sensorCFD

Draw the data centre layout using the CAD in sensorCFD. We suggest you should start with a single containment pod. This should not take more than an hour. Once the physical design is prepared, you need to add the active values. The active values would be the temperature at the front and rear of each rack, along with the kW of power for each rack, and the temperature and airflow in and out of the CRAH. Once this data is input you can run the simulation and examine the results.

Any AKCP sensor can be added to the simulation giving you a real-time picture of how your data centre is performing. The more sensors, the more accurate your simulation. For the ultimate in accuracy, we recommend a rack sensor package comprising

sensorCFD Benefits

  • Realtime Monitoring Insights: AKCPro Server DCIM provides realtime insights into data centre performance metrics such as PUE, with 2D and 3D heatmaps, with Delta-T and Delta-P, humidity, security power and assets.
  • Energy Cost Reductions: reduce energy costs by focusing cooling capacity. sensorCFD provides a visual model of where cold and hot air is going and where it needs to be.
  • Thermal Risk Monitoring: protect IT equipment and monitor hot spots in server cabinets and racks, whilst also meeting ASHRAE’s recommendations for data centre operating temperatures and humidity levels.
  • Monitor Capacity Utilisation: maximize performance and release stranded capacity. Ensure that your air is cooling servers dand not being wasted cooling unnecesary space.
  • CO2 Reductions: efficient use of cooling capacity results in improved carbon emissions. sensorCFD can assist an organisation to reduce its carbon footprint and move towards net zero.
  • Improve Return on Investment (ROI): use the model to reduce energy costs, lower carbon footprints, optimise server rack capacities, and remove hot spots. All can result in increased return on investment, lower OpEx and higher operating margins.
  • Free Demo and Download

    Please contact our project team if you would like an online demonstration of sensorCFD or a free download. We can also provide installation and configuration services to get your sensorCFD modelling tool up and running.

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