AKCP Wireless Ultra Cold Temperature Sensors

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The PT100 Type Wireless Ultra Cold Temperature Sensor is suitable for monitoring a wider range of temperatures from minus 200 to +150°C (minus 328 to 302°F). The sensor can be used to monitor ultra-cold shipments, such as the mRNA based COVID-19 vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna.

The Wireless Ultra Cold Temperature Sensor is based on an RTD type sensor (Resistance Temperature Detector) made from Platinum. As temperature changes so does the resistance of the metal. This is precisely measured to give a temperature reading. The accuracy of the sensor is ±0.2°C (±0.4°F). This sensor is compatible with the sensorProbeX+ base monitoring unit.

Wireless Ultra Cold Temperature Sensor Features

  • Battery powered using 4 AA batteries (not supplied) with a 10 year design life at 25°C broadcasting every 15 minutes
  • USB 5Vdc external power
  • 12Vdc external power
  • Custom sensor cable length up to 4.5m (15ft)