AKCP Wireless Cabinet Analysis Sensors

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The Wireless Cabinet Analysis Sensor features a cabinet thermal map for detecting hot spots, a differential pressure sensor for analysis of airflow and two dry contact inputs for door security sensors. The sensor is powered by USB, or four AA rechargeable batteries and uses the AKCP Wireless Wall Penetrating Technology to collect data and send over an AKCP wireless sensor gateway. A wired version of the Wireless Cabinet Analysis Sensor is also available for use with sensorProbeX+ base units.

Server Cabinet Thermal Maps

Cabinet thermal maps consist of two strings of three Temperature and one Humidity sensor. The maps allow the monitoring of temperature at the front and rear of a server cabinet, and the top, middle and bottom. The Delta-T value, front to rear temperature differential is calculated and can be displayed with animated arrows in the AKCPro Server cabinet rack map views.

Front and Rear Rack Differential Pressures

To ensure that air from data centre hot and cold aisles is not mixing, there should always be a positive pressure at the front of the cabinet.

Server Cabinet Door Contacts

I/O dry contact inputs can be used to monitor the front and rear doors of a server cabinet, or alternatively alarm outputs from a local uninterruptible power supply or other rack mounted equipment.

Server Rack Maps and Containment Views

Dedicated rack maps displaying sensor data can be configured to provide visual representation of each server rack in a data centre. Containment views can also be configured to provide a sectional view of the server racks and containment aisles.