Server Room Power Audits

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Planning power capacity in a comms room, server room or data centre is fundamental to ensuring IT availability and preventing downtime from power outages. Our projects team can carry out a complete power audit that can help to:

  • Identify all the loads within a server rack, listing model and serial numbers
  • Measure power usage per device in terms of Amps drawn over a time period
  • Provide a detailed device list for future capacity planning
  • Define a power protection strategy including power distribution and uninterruptible power
  • Improve overall cooling and energy efficiency per rack and the room
  • Improve overall room security in terms of environment monitoring and access control
  • Plan for space optimisation within the server rack(s) and room
  • Plan for equipment relocations and removals

Server Room Power Audit Report

The audit is carried out by our IT infrastructure specialists who have years of experience in the design and installation of critical infrastructure systems including power, cooling and monitoring. We use specialist test equipment to measure power usage per device power cord and will complete a survey of the electrical distribution system within the room including and inspection of the sub-distribution board(s).

Following the power audit our report will help you to improve overall capacity planning and prevent power outages.

Power Audit Kit

Our infrastructure specialists will use a power audit kit to assess the current draw per rack where the power cords range from 16-32Amp single phase (3-core maximum and 14mm diameter). For 3phase device measurements please contact us as access to sub-distribution boards may be required.

Prices are based on a normal working hour day rate and assume up to 3-5 racks per comms or server room. For larger facilities please contact us to assess if more than one day is required for the report. A discounted rate can be applied for multiple site visits dependent upon location and when the power audits are to take place.

Following the audit we can provide a percentage rebate on the service against any future site orders for additional infrastructure systems including uninterruptible power supplies, generators, power distribution, server racks and air conditioning.