The FM200 fire suppression system uses a combination of chemical and physical mechanisms to extinguish a fire in a server room or datacentre. The typical design concentration of 7% v/v provides the required amount of gas to extinguish the flame.

The FM200 is a waterless fire suppression system ideal for large server rooms and datacentre environments it is important to have a fast and effective fire suppression solution for general combustible, electrical and flammable liquid fires.

The FM200 is stored as a liquid under pressure in cylinders. On discharge, the liquid flows through the pipe network into the protected area and vaporises. The design ensures that each nozzle delivers the calculated amount of gas required for the protected area.

FM200 has the most comprehensive toxicity database of any clean agent. It is a single, pure compound ensuring that there is no active ingredient in fire suppression agent.

For more information on the FM200 fire suppression solution download the datasheet or contact our projects team who can provide a site survey, design and installation quotation or maintenance contract pricing.

Datasheet: FM 200 Datasheet

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