PAFSS Fire Solutions

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PAFSS (Pneumatically Actuated Fire Suppression Systems) protect server racks, data cabinets and electrical enclosures by automatically detecting the fire at source and extinguishing it early before it develops fully. The fast acting PAFSS minimises damage to critical servers and assets and enables quicker operational recovery if there is a fire incident.

The PAFSS detection system uses tubing that is placed close to risk areas. When the heat rises to a high level or flame reaches the tubing, the pressurised detection tube ruptures at the hottest point. Dependent upon the system design, the extinguishing agent is then discharged from the connected cylinder through the burst hole via nozzles or separate pipework. The tubing itself is flexible and can therefore be installed easily within tight spaces including racks, cabinets and enclosures.

Activation of the PAFSS can also trigger other actions using a pressure activated electrical switch including the shutdown of electrical systems, machinery and the activation of alarm systems or flashing beacons and sounders.

Extinguishing agents include Novec 1230, CO2, ABC Powder, BC Powder, and AFFF (Foam). Other agents can be supplied on request.

For more information on the PAFSS fire solution download the brochure or contact our projects team who can provide a site survey, design and installation quotation or maintenance contract pricing.