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Energy Meters

Energy metering and power monitoring are critical processes within IT environments in order to provide data for accurate energy efficiency calculations, colocation client billing, capacity planning and to control the power being supplied to individual servers and network accessories. Our power and energy meters can be supplied for new installations or as retrofit products as part of a facility upgrade. They include branch circuit meters and products that can monitor rack and PDU level power and energy related metrics.

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In-line Energy Meters

In-line energy meters generally make use of the intelligent metering functions developed for smart PDUs. When installed in a server room or datacentre environment, in-line energy meters simplify power usage monitoring and can also be fitted with additional sensors to provide environmental monitoring. Typical sensors include temperature, humidity and air flow.

In-line meters can be single or three phase devices and are designed for plug-and-play connection directly into the circuit to be monitored. Realtime monitoring information can be made available upon connection and includes amps, voltage, frequency, power (kVA, kW and pF) and energy (kWh) related information and typically within ISO/EC +/- 1% billing-grade accuracy.

In-line energy meters also tend to support integration into Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software packages to provide a more comprehensive overview of the IT operation and map out real-time loads and historical data trends.

Power Distribution Units

Smart and intelligent power distribution units fitted with a network management controller can also provide energy and power usage data. The data is generally at the complete PDU level and down to individual supplies (A and B) and individual socket levels. The data may be read and stored across a network using a corresponding DCIM package.

Rack level Monitoring

Temperature monitoring products are typically installed into a sever rack to monitor temperature and humidity. Some systems cam also be fitted with additional sensors for power monitoring either its availability or down to individual power and energy usage data.

Room Distribution and Branch Circuit Monitoring

Building-level power and energy metering is generally provided by the utility provider and additional meters may be built into LV switchboards and control panels. At branch circuit and sub-distribution levels, our projects team can provide meters connected to the electrical system by a certified electrical contractor.

For more information on our range of power and energy meters please contact our projects team.


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