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Periodic Energy Consumption Reports for Server Rooms

Over the last year, we have seen an increasing demand for power and energy monitoring from server room and data centre operators. Whilst rising electricity and energy costs are the main driver, we are also working with organisations looking to implement low-carbon and net zero energy management strategies.

To help meet this demand we have increased the range of services provided by the energy consultants in our projects team. The services can apply to computer rooms, server rooms, data centres, warehouses, offices, and other buildings where clients want to identify energy usage improvements and develop a more energy efficient approach.

Energy Monitoring and Management

The aim with our Energy Monitoring and Management service is to provide clients with a thorough understanding of their energy usage and provide a Periodic Energy Report. This includes from the point of supply into their buildings, to how it is charged and metered and the metering accuracy as this will affect their overall electricity and gas bills.

The service starts with the connection of data loggers to the relevant meters, left in place for a set time. Typically for one month. From the logged data, our energy consultants generate energy consumption reports and via an Energy Dashboard can provide active alerts, clearly represent the results, and show how energy savings could be achieved.

Energy savings typically fall into groups associated with behaviours, and hardware systems. Changing behaviours can provide quick wins and include looking at how HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) and lighting systems are set to operate, and the temperature levels set for thermostats. Cooling efficiency within server rooms can generally be improved through airflow improvements and the use of blanking panels and location of the air conditioners themselves. Longer term hardware energy efficiency gains can be implemented by looking at the age and usage of power and cooling systems. Replacing legacy uninterruptible power supplies and air conditioners with more energy efficient designs.

More information on UK data centre energy efficiency and energy consumption figures:

KVA Load Assessments

kVA is a measure of the Voltage x Amps, with kVA representing 1000 VA units. Our kVA Load Assessment service can identify specific areas where energy savings can be made. The reason for this is that building owners, companies and organisations are charged for the kVA capacity they are supplied and for some, this is a maximum that will never be used.

Our Load Assessment service provides a detailed audit and analysis of the electrical supplies to show average and highest peak values recorded over a period. This can allow for negotiation with the electricity provider for what can be a more sensible limit. Care must be taken to ensure future kVA load demand is planned for. Also, the current load may be more than the kVA allowance leading to extra charges for the electricity provider.

Electricity Consumption Verification

Electricity bill validation is of interest to various clients, given the rising cost of electricity. Our logging service allows our energy consultants to gather the data necessary to monitor and determine electricity meter billing accuracy. This information can be for compensation claims (going back as far as 7 years) or negotiation for improved rates with an electricity supplier.

Voltage Stability and Voltage Optimisation

Voltage stabilisation refers to how the electrical supply fluctuates over time. From the data logging of our power meters, a graphical representation can be generated to provide a clear view as to the voltage presence and levels over a given time. The information can also form the basis for the decision as to whether to install voltage optimisers as well as indicating if/or where uninterruptible power supplies may be required; for low voltage areas experiencing momentary power outages.

Power Factor

Power factor is a more technical subject for most people. Power Factor is an electrical term that measure the lag between the Apparent power used (measured in kVA) and the Real power (kW = Kilowatts) consumed. The nearer the power factor is to unity (1), the more efficient the electrical system. The wider the proportional difference between Apparent and Real power, the greater the ‘Reactive Power,’ which is energy paid for but lost in the electrical system. Power Factor can be affected by several areas including the use of legacy systems and loads. Where these cannot be easily replaced, a power factor correction system can be installed to optimise the power factor using capacitor banks and provide a reasonable payback period.

Power and Energy Monitoring

In addition to the monitoring services provided, Server Room Environments also supplies server room and data centre monitoring systems from AKCP, Avtech and HW Group. Whilst these systems are generally used to monitor temperature, humidity and water leakge, they can also be installed with additional sensors to monitor power availability, energy consumption and generator fuel levels. Automatic alerts via email, SMS text message and even phone calls can be configured to be sent to distribution lists when the recorded data goes outside a threshold boundary.


The energy monitoring and power management services available from Server Room Environments, are designed to help building owners, server room IT managers and data centre engineers, to gain valuable insight into how, where and when they are consuming energy on their site.

The information gathered from data loggings and audits allows the energy consultants in our projects team to provide a clear and concise report, with a dashboard and graphical representation to provide a clear view of energy usage. Our services, reports and recommendations can help to identify poor energy efficiency, electrical systems that are using unnecessary amounts of power and provide peach of mind as to the accuracy of the metering in place. For more information on server room and data centre energy consumption and management services, please contact our projects team.

Server Room Environments is an Endorser to the EU Code of Conduct for Energy Efficiency in Data Centres. More Information:

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