AKCP Daisy Chain Temperature Sensors

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The Daisy Chain Temperature Sensor connects up to 8 temperature sensors on one port of an AKCP sensorProbe+ or securityProbe environment monitoring system. The chain length can run to 152m (500ft).

The Daisy Chain Temperature Sensor is designed to record accurate temperature data and is ideal for sites that require advanced warning of temperature fluctuations that could potentially damage sensitive equipment.

Daisy Chain Temperature Sensor Features

  • Link up to 8 Temperature Sensors in one chain
  • Collect up to 100 temperature points on a single sensorProbe+ or up to 64 temperature points on a securityProbe
  • Operating range from minus 55 to +75⁰C with +/-0.2°C accuracy
  • Each Temperature Sensor in the chain has an SNMP OID (Object Identifiers) for remote monitoring