APC NetBotz Room Monitor 455 with 120/240V PoE Injector

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The APC NetBotz Room Monitor 455 (with PoE Injector) provides cost-effective access security and environmental monitoring for a range of IT environments including server racks, network closets, server rooms and datacentres. The NetBotz 455 integrates a room camera and optional sensors (temperature, humidity, airflow, dew point, camera motion) with supports for 3 additional external cameras pods, 2 sensor pods and up to 16 Universal sensors. The product is supplied with an installation guide, USB cable and wall mounting brackets.

APC NetBotz Room Monitor 455 Features

  • Access Control Monitoring: detect access by unauthorized personnel via door switch
  • Environmental monitoring: prevent equipment failure from a full range of threatening environmental conditions
  • Fault Notification: provides real-time event notification minimizes response times to critical physical infrastructure situations and allows IT managers to reduce mean time to repair (MTTR), improve efficiency and maximise uptime
  • Surveillance: detect and record room motion, allowing a visual record to be paired with an access or environmental alert to speed up root cause problem analysis
  • Alerts View: easily review and correlate alerts and provide context to alerts by attaching video clips, graphs, and maps
  • Customized Escalation Policies: alerts are managed according to escalation policies and received in multiple formats
  • Adjustable Threshold: customise alarm threshold definitions (multiple thresholds per sensor, scheduling, severity levels) to site requirements
  • Event-driven Video Storage: video storage prompted by motion or alert
  • Browser Accessible: use a browser to view the user interface with a browser anywhere on a secure network
  • Password Security: user-selectable password with strong password rules and reset password mechanism
  • Advanced View Client Application: robust appliance interface provides historic alerts, graphs and configuration
  • Enterprise Management System Compatible: make device information available to preferred enterprise management system by forwarding SNMP traps (events) across SNMPv1 and SNMPv3 using the PowerNet MIB
  • Integrates with StruxureWare Data Center Expert: an IT-ready, scalable access monitoring system that collects, organises, and distributes critical alerts, surveillance video and key information, providing a unified view of complex physical infrastructure environments from anywhere on the network