AKCP Wireless Pipe Pressure Sensors

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The Pipe Pressure Monitoring Sensor is a digital pressure gauge for monitoring all kinds of liquids and gasses for essential information needed for safety, maintenance and function monitoring. The sensor allows remote pressure monitoring from 0 to 10 bar over the internet with alarms generated for pressure measurements outside pre-set parameters. Existing analog gauges can be uprated and paired to the AKCP Wireless Tunnel Gateway.

Pipe Pressure Monitoring Sensor Features

  • 4 AA Batteries with a 10-year design at 25°C broadcasting every 15 minutes
  • USB 5Vdc or 12Vdc power supply
  • IP66 rated enclosure
  • LED indicators for power, status and RSSI
  • Optional DIN rail, wall and pipe mounting accessories

Monitoring Applications

  • Hospitals, laboratories, and clean rooms
  • Sever rooms and data centres
  • Distribution warehouses
  • Solar power PV plants
  • Cold storage facilities and distribution systems