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IEX Lite Input Metered PDU 32A 3ph 42 Mixed C13 C19 Outlets

Prices from £481.25 including VAT or £577.50 ex. VAT
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Prices from £481.25 ex. VAT
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Total price delivered from £591.90 inc. VAT
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The IEX Lite Input Metered PDU 32A 3ph with 42 mixed C13 and C19 outlets is a high availability and smart power monitoring distribution unit with a range of features designed for server room and data centre power control. The PDU can feature a mixture of IEC 320 C13 and C19 outlets up to 24/42 in total. The PDU outlet configuration can be amended to meet changes and upgrade to rack equipment and servers.

IEX Lite Input Metered PDU Features

  • IEX (C13/C19) all in one combo socket makes the PDU the most versatile, coping with any combination of C14 and C20 plugs
  • PDU cascading allows full control of upto 16 PDUs from one Primary/Master PDU, simplifying the number of IP address required
  • Multi-colour OLED illuminated screen display offering high contrast power usage and alarms
  • Built with overated and high-temperature grade components to allow safe and reliably operation in hot 60º (140ºF) environments
  • Alternate branch wiring on 3phase systems helps power load balance
  • Full outlet control for remote On/Off or a timed reboot individual outlets or group of outlets to improve the operation uptime
  • Dual 1GB ethernet port for third party access to the PDU
  • IEX lock standard power cord retention and P-Lock and V-Lock power cord compatibility

Energy Efficient Latching Relays

Uses energy efficient bi-stable latching relays. These relays consume up to 70% less energy than alternatives, making outlet switching safer and configured in such a way that the outlet power distribution is always maintained.

OLED Display

Shows Input power parameters and scroll individual outlet (V,A,PF,W,KWxH). Screen turns its orientation according PDU position.

Accurate Environment Monitoring cascading sensors EMD

The sensors benefit from the latest, most high-tech metering components, delivering the highest metering accuracy for temperature and relative humidity. Each sensor is built with 2 additional digital input contacts for (water leak, door contact, motion, vibration, smoke and any other sensor with normally open or closed). Sensors can be deployed in cascade up to 8 EMD sensors using network cables.

PDU Cascading Option

In order to save on network ports and manage multiple devices from one IP address we offer the opportunity to daisy chain up to 16 PDUs using Cat5/6 cable.

kWh Metering Accuracy

Enabling precise allocation of data centre expenses with +/- 1% billing grade accuracy.

High Outlet flexibility and alternating phase

IEX socket is a UL and IEC tested combination of C13 and C19 outlet that accommodates either a C14 and or C20 plug. Alternating phase set up helps on power balance for three phase systems.

RCM Residual Current Monitoring Option

By measuring current flowing in the ground wire, our residual current monitoring reduces the risk of electric shock. PDUs equipped with residual current monitoring dramatically reduce the burden of regulatory auditing.

Secure Locking Outlets

Structuresource intelligent rack PDUs are equipped with lockable outlets preventing power cords accidently coming unplugged due to human error or vibration.

Interoperability with third party software

If you need to centrally manage all PDUs in your data centre we offer all communication protocols. Our solutions offer the option to communicate the status of rack-level power and environmental information to any third party Datacentre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solution.

Field-Replaceable Controller

The hot-swappable onboard controller, ensures that servers will never experience downtime when maintenance in the Data Centre is required and ensuring the infrastructure will never be obsolete being update ready.

Redundant Network Connections

World’s first double Gigabit ethernet port PDU ensures monitoring reliability and allowing to be shared with Data centre management and end clients in one or two separate Networks


Structuresource PDUs support the most stringent security protocols in the market in order to prevent unauthorized access (256 bit AES encryption, Radius , SNMP v3 , user permissions, SSHv2, SSL, HTTPS).

Hydraulic-magnetic Circuit Breakers monitoring

Built with highly reliable hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers which are not affected by ambient temperature and support delay curves appropriate for IT-equipment. The PDU proactively monitoring the status of the breakers in order to prevent downtime due to server power supply failure or overloads, sending an alert for any high load that risk a tripped circuit.

Full Colour PDU and Outlet Range

Coloured PDUs make it easier to reduce human errors, identify power feeds, lowering the risk of unplanned downtime, Structure Source PDUs are available in any RAL-colour.