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Enersys Genesis NP3.8-6FR 3.8Ah 6Vdc Battery with Flame Retardant Case

SKU: NP3.8-6FR
Min order 10 batteries. Priced per project.
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Enersys Genesis NP3.8-6FR 3.8Ah 6Vdc sealed lead acid batteries in a flame retardant case with a 5year design life for use in UPS systems and DC standby power, emergency lighting and telecommunications applications. The Genesis range uses heavy duty thick lead-calcium grids to give dependable performance over many years of usage. The battery has a compact high Enersys design and factory sealed case to ensure extreme reliability. A low-pressure relief valve is built-into the design to release any build-up of pressure from the electrolyte. The vent is completely self-resealing to ensure a maximum internal recombination rate and the internal grid design ensures the battery can recover from repeated deep discharges.

Enersys Genesis NP3.8-6FR Features

  • Internal plates made from a lead-calcium alloy
  • Sealed design with low maintenance
  • 1000 plus cycles depending on Depth of Discharge (DoD)
  • Heavy duty grids to maximize life
  • Three to five year life expectancy in float applications at ambient temperatures of 25degC

Battery Construction

  • Internal construction uses heavy duty thick lead-calcium grids
  • Sealed case for leak-proof operation
  • Designed to promote internal recombination for a longer working life
  • Integral self-sealing pressure relief valve operates at 2-3 PSI
  • Flame retardant UL94-V0 case and cover

Installation and Operation

  • Space efficient footprint
  • Compact, quick and simple installation process
  • Three to five year life expectancy in float applications at a 24degC ambient temperature
  • Low maintenance with no watering top-up required
  • An operating temperature of minus 15 to 50degC with a recommended temperature of 20 to 30degC

Design Standards

  • Standards Approved for air transportation (IATA A67)
  • Recognized by UL File no. MH16464 and MH15740
  • Non-spillable classification (UN2800)
  • IEC 61056-1, IEC 60896-21 and IEC60896-22 compliant

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