About Us

We have over 35 years of experience working within server rooms and datacentre environments across a range of vertical markets. Our knowledge and experience means that we know how to supply, install and maintain the right power, cooling, monitoring and security solutions for any critical IT environment.

As a leading UK supplier of protected server environments, we are vendor-neutral, only working with trusted brands. Our client and installation base includes a wide range of geographies, industries and clients. We know how to seamlessly integrate with existing project and supply chains and regularly work with end-user businesses and public sector organisations, consultants, quantity surveyors, architects and M&E contractors.

No matter at what level you engage with our organisation, be it a project or online purchase, you can rest assured that you will get the right solution for your server room. No matter what your environment be it hospitality or retail, industrial or manufacturing, telecoms or datacentre we know how to create or improve secure, energy efficient and sustainable environments for servers and IT networks.

Six Things We Value

  1. Innovative solutions that solve client problems
  2. Long-term and mutually beneficial relationships
  3. Energy efficient and sustainable technologies
  4. People who commit to our business
  5. Outside-the-box thinking
  6. Honesty and integrity

Server Room Environments – secure, efficient and sustainable