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Lithium-Ion UPS Systems For Datacentre Applications

Liithium Ion Datacentre UPS Batteries

The UPS system or uninterruptible power supply that we know today evolved from the oil industry and its need for backup power protection for computer operations in the 1960s. Today’s UPS systems provide a similar solution, but the world of backup power has changed dramatically since that period driven by a host of factors and […]

How To Cool Server Racks and Datacentre Cabinets

Server Rack Cooling Thermal Hot Spots

Heat is a form of ‘waste’ energy that results from the way the CPUs (central processing units) within a typical IT server work. In a server room or datacentre environment, managing ‘heat’ and keeping server racks cool is as critical an issue as ensuring the servers are protected from mains power supply failures. Excessive heat […]

Data Centre Cooling Solutions For Cloud To The Edge Sites

Liquid Immersed Data Centre Cooling Solutions

The range of cooling solutions available for server room and datacentre operators continues to evolve and can be split into two types: active cooling (forced convection) and passive cooling (natural connection). Innovation is driven by how to affect the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly cooling systems as the actual power demands for IT servers […]

How to Choose PDUs For Server Racks

Server Rack PDUs

Choosing the right power distribution units (PDUs) is a critical element when designing your power protection plan and server rack load management. But what is a PDU and which is the right type for your installation. A basic Power Distribution Unit or PDU is a strip of power sockets in a self-contained unit that may […]

The Rising Tide of Liquid Cooling Solutions for Datacentres

Liquid Immersion Cooling Solutions

Traditional air conditioners use a refrigerant gas and this type of closed-loop air-based cooling system is perfectly adequate for most for server rooms and small datacentres. However, as server rack power densities continue to increase due to machine learning applications, larger datacentres and hyperscale operators are turning to liquid cooling. Most datacentre operators don’t want […]

Cool Lessons From The Summer Heatwave

UK Temperature Projections

There is a very good chance that we will always remember the UK summer of 2018. Week-long heatwaves and an average temperature of 15.8˚C saw this summer narrowly beat the previous record temperature levels of 1976. The summer months of June and July were also notably dry, although August seemed to return to more average […]

Why UPS Systems Use Lead Acid Batteries

UPS Batteries

Over 80% of all uninterruptible power supply service issues are battery related. UPS batteries age whether in use or in storage. This is because a battery stores electrical energy using a chemical process and their working life is dependent upon a number of factors including: charge/discharge cycles, operational temperature, charging technique and their overall design […]

Relocating a UPS System or Generator To A New Location

Generator UPS Relocation

There are times when it is necessary to relocate a UPS system or generating set including moving within a building or to a completely new location. As with critical power related installation, removal or relocation should be considered as a project and be properly managed. Generator relocations typically follow the same project format as that […]

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