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Server Rack Fire Suppression Units

Rack mount fire protection solutions are designed for installation into server racks and server cabinets to provide fast and effective fire detection and suppression and reduce the threat of fire to business continuity. When sizing a rack mounted fire suppression unit it is important to measure the physical space to be protected and ensure that the right size unit is selected and installed either as a single or multiple units. Server Room Environments provides site surveys, design and installation for sites in the UK and Eire.

Environmentally Friendly Fire Solutions

The Redetec rack mount fire suppression system is designed to discharge a small amount of extinguishing agent inside a server cabinet and can be more cost effective and eco friendly than a complete server room fire suppression system. The units allow individual server cabinets to be protected.

Cost Effective Suppression System Installation and Maintenance

As a server cabinet-based system, these rack mount systems can cost less to install and commission and maintain than a complete room fire suppression system. They are designed for 19inch rack mount cabinets and do not typically require changes to the overall comms room or server room environment including wiring and cabling.

Rack mount fire suppression units are ideal for comms rooms and server rooms where there is a need to provide a fast and responsive solution to protect mission critical IT servers, storage devices and IT networking peripherals. The use of a smaller amount of fire extinguishant can be more effective and less costly than a complete room flood, allowing operations to continue and minimising or completely removing downtime.

Compact Design and Footprint

Rack mounted fire suppression units do not take up value floor space in the server environment and do not require additional fire extinguishant bottles which in a traditional fire suppression system may be installed in the ‘white space’ or an adjoining service area. The units are only 2U in height and are highly compact and are low pressure systems discharging 1.2-2.4kg of extinguishing agent into each server cabinet or server rack.

High Sensitivity Smoke Detection (HSSD)

HSSD options for applications with high airflows, including bade servers and high-density compute applications which can generate large amount of heat and air conditioning load. The Redetec HSSD units are specifically designed for server racks with high air flows and front-to-rear cooling to provide fire control and incident management.

Remote and Network Monitoring

Units can be installed with signal contacts and SNMP interfaces for remote monitoring and connection to building management systems.

How to Size a Rack Mount Fire Suppression System

To select the right size and quantity of Redetec rack mount fire suppression units, it is important to work out for each server rack or cabinet the total metric size (HxWxD), in order to calculate the total internal volume(s). Within each rack there should be 2U of free space at the top of the rack for the fire suppression tray and 2U below for the Point Detection system. If Point Detection cannot be used, remote detection may be used. It is also important to define the type of rack used in terms of whether it is fully sealed or not, and the type of front and rear doors used (glass, mesh, perforated or solid steel).

Please contact our projects team to arrange a site survey, installation and commissioning quotation or maintenance contract.


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