The key advantage of a Redetec fire suppression system is its ability to detect a fire within a server rack, cabinet or enclosure and then to react quickly to protect critical servers and IT assets from fire damage. The rackmount fire solutions from Redetec include UL and LPCB approved detection, SMTP / SNMP alerts and building management integration. Typical applications include:

  • Sever, Computer Rooms and Datacentres: Redetec is an easy to install, design free fire protection solution for computer rooms and all types of data processing areas.
  • Petrochemical and Oil Production: the fire solutions provide continuous fire protection for control systems and remote operating stations in petrochemical and oil & gas production facilities. The units can operate as a standalone or full integrated safety solution within safe and classified areas.
  • Banks and Financial Centres: the continuous availability of data processing is crucial for banks and financial centres. System up-time is supported by a thorough fire protection and security management system. Redetec Plus is the only system which delivers cabinet fire detection and suppression.
  • Industrial Production and Process Systems: the modular fire detection and suppression system offers a flexible design and scalability. With the Redetec solution it is easy to install additional protection for process and manufacturing equipment areas as they are expanded.
  • Operations Control Centres: in some control centres automatic fire suppression systems are disabled during working hours. The Redetec fire solution does not need isolation and provides continuous monitoring and protection. The system does not provide a total room flood during discharge and its therefore more cost effective than a traditional control room fire solution.
  • Telecommunications Centres: the 19inch rackmount fire solutions protect telecoms equipment from fire and intrusion and provide a comprehensive safety, security and condition monitoring solution for local and remote stations.

Redetec Resellers

Server Room Environments are resellers of Redetec rack mount fire suppression systems which can be bought online and supplied as part of a project with full design, installation and ongoing support.

For more information on Redetec fire suppression solutions please contact our projects team.