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UPS Lead Acid Maintenance Free Batteries

The batteries used within most uninterruptible power supplies as a standby power source are valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) maintenance free batteries. The actual working life of a UPS battery depends on its design life, number of charge/discharge cycles it is subjected to and the ambient temperature and conditions of the UPS installation. This type of battery is also found in generate starter motor circuits.

Yuasa Range Design Life Replacement
NP 5 year 3-4 years
NPL 10 year 7-8 years
EN 10 year 7-8 years
ENL 15 year 10-12 years
SWL 10 year 7-8 years

UPS Battery Testing and Replacement and Recycling

Server Room Environments provides battery testing as an on-site service. Our UPS maintenance engineers are certified to work in both AC and DC power environments and use an advanced battery tester using conductive and impedance testing to assess the health of a battery block and the overall battery string. Battery readings are stored for continual analysis in a Cloud server environment.

When batteries require replacement, our projects team can arrange for their removal and environmentally friendly disposal. Over 90% of a lead acid battery material can be reclaimed for reuse including plastic cases, lead plates and the electrolytic gel or liquid used.

Please contact our projects team for more information on Yuasa batteries including battery replacement and recycling projects.