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Sustainability Policy

Dated: Aug 2023

Server Room Environments Ltd is committed to increasing the sustainability of its designs and operations to provide long-term benefits. This requires the consideration and assessment of environmental, economic and social issues for all activities.

The assessment of these issues involves balancing the impacts of the activities in a way that sustains both environmental protection and the operations necessary to carry out our works.

True Environmental Costs

There is a general awareness of products or activities that appear to cause environmental damage or offer some form of environmental enhancement. These commonly accepted ideas have to be tested to identify any hidden indirect or adverse impacts. Company Name is working towards considering the true environmental costs of products and activities.

Whole-Life Costing and Best Value

The ‘Cost’ of building includes environmental, social and the financial cost.

Whole-life costing examines the long-term costs and effects of providing new structures. Increasing the lifetime of a structure or reducing maintenance requirements can give overall enhancement with social and economic benefits, although initial ‘costs’ may appear higher.

Server Room Environments aims to deliver Best Value by developing along with our partners, solutions that are appropriate to the local conditions and environment.

Recycling and Alternative Materials

Recycled or alternative materials or techniques will be used where they offer improvements to the sustainability of operations. In this consideration, the true environmental and whole life costs shall be taken into account.


Indicators and Benchmarks will be developed to enhance the sustainability of designs and operations. These will cover areas such as:

  • Recycling / re-use of waste
  • Wastage of materials
  • Revisits for remedial works
  • Energy usage


The sustainability of our operations will be monitored with the indicators. The sustainability strategy and procedures will be regularly reviewed. The results of these will be used to gain improvements in sustainability.

This policy is reviewed annually by the directors and management team or sooner if appropriate.

For other policies see our Integrated Management System page.

Ref: IMS-5.2-Sustainability Policy