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What is the difference between a main switchboard and distribution boards?

Your building will be connected to the local electricity supply via a building incomer which will normally provide the supplies to the main HV/LV (high voltage/low voltage) switchboard in your building. This switchboard will provide power feeds to other distribution and sub-distribution boards within your building. A distribution board may be positioned on a floor with a sub-distribution board providing a feed into a server room. Each board will normally have an isolator and ways into which rated circuit breakers can be provided for individual power feeds within the server room including PDUs for server rows, air conditioning, UPS systems and other related equipment. When we survey a building or room for electrical works we normally need access to all the sub-distribution board in the room where we install the kit and may need to follow this back to the distribution board it is fed from and even the main building income and HV/LV switchboard or LV switchboard. For more information see our switchboard manufacturing solutions for server rooms and datacentre environments.

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