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Environmental Policy

Dated: Aug 2023

The objective of Server Room Environments Ltd is to ensure that activities carried out either on site or at our premises do not have a negative impact on the environment. All employees are required to act with care and consideration, embracing the responsibility for protection & enhancement of the environment. We address environmental issues as an integral part of our management processes. Server Room Environments is committed to:

  • Setting and reviewing annual environmental objectives & targets.
  • Protect the environment, including prevention of pollution.
  • Satisfy our compliance obligations.
  • Continually improve the environmental management system & enhance our environmental performance.

Legal Compliance & Environmental Management System

Server Room Environments is committed to the application of an Environmental Management System (EMS) that incorporates the requirements of ISO 14001:2015. The objectives include continual improvement, prevention of pollution, compliance with national and local environmental legislation and any specific requirements of Contracts. The EMS forms part of our Integrated Management System (IMS) and is subject to regular review. Key aspects of the environmental performance are regularly monitored & results are reported to all interested parties.

Awareness & Training

The Company is committed to ensuring that all its directly employed personnel, subcontractors and suppliers are made fully aware of its environmental policy and the environmental targets and objectives that the Company sets. Appropriate environmental training is given to staff to ensure that the Company remains legally compliant and that all persons working on behalf of the Company actively protect and enhance the environment and prevent pollution.

Enhancement and Minimisation of Impacts

The company is fully committed to protecting & enhancing the environment & preventing pollution in all areas of its operation. Where works unavoidably intrude on the environment, reasonable care is taken to identify the issues & implement control measures to minimise their impact.

Sustainability, Resource Management and Waste

Server Room Environments is committed to sustainability and therefore careful attention is given to a life cycle perspective of materials used. Emphasis is placed on minimising energy use, waste and pollution, whilst maximising re-use and recycling wherever possible. Where re-use and recycling are not possible, due care will be exercised in respect of waste disposal to ensure legal compliance and protection of the environment from harmful waste.


Server Room Environments will work with its Clients and any Sub-contractors to develop joint standards, improve practices and processes, and respect for the environment.

Copies of our Roles, Responsibilities & Authorities and Processes can be forwarded to interested parties on request.

This policy is reviewed annually by the directors and management team or sooner if appropriate.

For other policies see our Integrated Management System page.

Ref: IMS-5.2-Environmental Policy