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Enlogic PDU Resellers

Server Room Environments partners with Enlogic and supplies their complete range of power distribution units:

  • Basic PDUs
  • Input metered PDUs
  • Input metered and Outlet switched PDUs
  • Outlet metered PDUs
  • Outlet metered and Outlet switched PDUs
  • Single and Three Phase In-line Energy Meters

Options available include colour coded locking cables and sockets. Available upon request.

Advanced Network Management Controller

Enlogic’s advanced network management controller provides a wealth of information that can be used to mange devices connected to an intelligent PDU.

Enlogic Intelligent PDU Network Management Controller

Information displays cover the phase and circuit breaker level, with critical alarm icons for general PDU alarm, cascade error, environment, security and circuit breaker fault. The intelligent PDUs provide

  • High Accuracy Metering: volts, amps, watts, kW, power factor and billing grade accuracy
  • Advanced Monitoring: for future proofing and redundancy
  • Toolless Hot-Swap NMC: allowing the network management controller to be easily added or swapped
  • Environment Monitoring: with plug and play support for up to 8 sensors
  • Ultralow Profile Design: for ease of equipment access
  • User Defined Electronic Colour Coding: with a range of colours for easy source identification
  • IP Cascading: to allow the management of up to 64 PDUs through a single IP address
  • DC Power Sharing: two-way power sharing for ‘always-on’ network management and alarms
  • Colour Coded Outlets by Circuit Breaker: to provide visual phase and load identification
  • Warranty: 5 years thanks to extensive field application with over 2million units installed worldwide

Environmental Sensors

As an intelligent PDU each Enlogic power distribution unit can take up to 8 sensors. As the devices are rack installed, they can provide a range of sensor information through out a cabinet including the front and back, top, bottom and middle.

Enlogic Intelligent PDU Environment Sensors

The information can be collated and reported via the Enlogic Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software as a complete IT environment management system.

Each Enlogic PDU features military grade components for reliability in the most extreme server room and datacentre environments. For more information on our server racks and data cabinets please contact our Projects team.