IP Case Ratings

Every metal cabinet has an IP rating whether it is an uninterruptible power supply, server rack cabinet or air conditioning unit.

What Is An IP Rating?

IP stands for ‘Ingress Protection’ and IP ratings consist of a two-digit numeric code that indicates the potential for entry of solid objects and liquids.

The numbers start from 0 to 9. The larger the value of each individual number, the great the degree of protection provided by the case design.

The system was established by the International Electro Technical Commission, under EN60529.

Typical IP Ratings

Most modern electronic systems such as UPS systems and air conditioners have an IP rating of 20, referred to as IP20. This is typical of office, server room and datacentre type equipment.

Higher IP ratings may be required for harsher and more industrial environments where IP54 may be more commonly asked for. This level of ingress protection provides greater protection than IP20 conditions which may have more dirt, dust and exposure to water and moisture.

Case has to be taken with higher rated IP cases as air flow and cooling becomes more constricted without forced cooling.

IP Rating Table

The table has 3 columns. The first is the numeric rating 0-9, the second covers the Ingress of Solid Objects and the third the Ingress of Liquids.

RatingSolid ObjectsLiquids
0no protectionno protection
1protected against solid objects over 50mm eg hands, large toolsprotected against vertically falling drops of water or condensation
2protected against solid objects over 12.5mm eg hands, large toolsprotected against falling drops of water, if the case is disposed up to 15degrees from vertical
3protected against solid objects over 2.5mm eg wire, small toolsprotected against sprays of water from any direction, even if the case is disposed up to 60degrees from vertical
4protected against solid objects over 1mm eg wiresprotected against splash water from any direction
5limited protection against dust ingress (no harmful deposit)protected against low pressure water jets from any direction - limited ingress permitted
6totally protected against dust ingressprotected against high pressure water jets from any direction - limited ingress permitted
7-protected against short periods of immersion in water
8-protected against long, durable periods of immersion in water

So a UPS case with an IP20 rating provides protection against solid objects over 12.5mm eg hands, large tools but no protection from the ingress of liquids.

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