Why Server Room Environments?

Server Room Environments are at the forefront of the managed IT environment. We run our organisation as a ‘day-one’ business striving to deliver the ultimate customer service, innovative products and services.

We are a UK based organisation with installations across the world. We work wherever a secure server environment is required. We design, build and maintain server rooms and datacentre environments that are energy efficient, sustainable and future-proof. Every product we supply is a world-class brand from manufacturers with whom we have developed an in-depth expertise and the necessary certified-services for their installation and maintenance.

Projects can start with an initial site survey and quotation to project delivery and ongoing maintenance as required. We also provide a wide range of air conditioners, UPS systems, security and environmental monitoring accessories for purchase online and installation on site. Whether it’s a project or on-line purchase, we treat every client as one whose long-term growth we want to be part of.

Whether you are looking for the latest approach to critical power or the most innovative critical cooling systems, electrical contracting works, network cabling, server racks, raised floors, power distribution, lighting, monitoring or security, Server Room Environments can provide exactly what you need. We know how to engineer critical infrastructure uptime.

Server Room Environments – secure, efficient and sustainable

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