APC Smart-UPS On-line Range

The Smart-UPS On-Line with models from 1-20kVA provides high performance online double-conversion power protection for network servers, storage, light industrial applications, voice & data networks, hospital applications and medical laboratories. Power protection features include break-free uninterruptible power, a very wide input voltage window, extremely tight output voltage regulation, frequency regulation, input power factor correction and an internal bypass. The Smart-UPS is available in tower and 19inch rack mount formats from 2 to 12U in height. The UPS can be installed to provide long runtimes with battery extension packs and is supplied with PowerChute UPS management software. Smart-UPS models from 5kVA include an integrated Network Management Card (optional below 5kVA) for SNMP management over an Ethernet/IP network connection.

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APC by Schneider Smart-UPS On-line Features

  • Rack/Tower Convertible: allows use of the UPS as a tower or rack mount solution
  • Power conditioning: protects critical loads from surges, spikes, lighting and other related power problems and disturbances
  • Input Power Factor Correction: to reduce installation costs enabling smaller sized cabling and standby power generators
  • Cold-start: to provide a source of temporary power for the connected loads without a mains power supply present
  • Generator Compatibility: to ensure uninterruptible power and connectivity to a local standby power generator
  • Frequency and Voltage Regulation: automatically corrects for poor frequency and voltage conditions without resorting to battery
  • Disconnected Battery Notification: alarms when the battery is not connected and available for emergency backup
  • Automatic Self-test: periodic battery testing to provide early warning when the battery requires replacement
  • Audible Alarms: alarms when there is a change in the status of the UPS or connected power utility
  • User-replaceable Batteries: to increase availability and lower the mean time to repair (MTTR)
  • Predictive Failure Notification: provides early fault warning and ensure proactive component replacement
  • Flash Upgradeable Firmware: allows firmware releases to be installed remotely via FTP
  • Plug-and-Play external batteries: provides an easy way to extend UPS runtimes
  • Temperature-compensated Battery Charger: to help prolong battery life by adjusting charging rates to ambient temperatures
  • Scalable Runtime: to provide extended runtime to be added to the installation
  • Intelligent Battery Management: using precision charging to maximise battery performance, reliability and working life
  • Hot-swap Batteries: to allow battery replacement without power disruption to the connected load(s)
  • Automatic Load after UPS Shutdown: automatically restarts connected loads when the mains power utility is restored
  • InfraStruXure Manager Compatible: for centralised UPS management using APC InfraStruXure Manager
  • SmartSlot: customise UPS communications using plug-in management cards
  • Serial connectivity: provides UPS management via a built-in serial port
  • Network Management: provides remote UPS power management over an Ethernet/IP network
  • LED Status Indications: provide a quick and easy view on the status of the UPS
  • Flash Upgradeable Firmware: allows firmware releases to be installed remotely via FTP
  • Safety-agency Approved: to ensure the UPS has been tested and approved to work safely with connected service provider equipment and within the specified environment