Why do you need a single line diagram to design an LV switchboard?

A single line diagram or SLD provides our mechanical and electrical engineers with an overview of the electrical paths and circuits to be incorporated into the final design of your low voltage switchboard. From this our engineers generate a 3D model which is used for proofing, costing and the quotation sent out for the manufacture, installation, […]

Do LV switchboards require annual inspection and maintenance?

Under BS7671 LV switchboards should be inspected at least every 5 years as they form part of the electrical system within the building housing a server room or datacentre environment. We recommend annual inspection and preventative maintenance for LV switchboards for critical facilities. LV switchboards can contain consumable parts in terms of capacitors used within […]

Can you paint an LV switchboard to our colour choice?

Our LV switchboard manufacturer has their own paint shop. As well as manufacturing the metal panels for the switchboard they can also finish to specific RAL colours and finishes. The use of colours to differentiate power supplies and cooling systems is becoming standard practice within datacentres and especially those operating and certified to Tier 4 by the […]

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