Do you maintain third-party supplied datacentre systems?

We are a manufacturer independent systems integrator and support the critical infrastructure solutions we supply as well as take on other third party supplied datacentre systems for maintenance and refurbishment. For those instances where we do not have a suitably qualified and manufacturer trained engineer, we maintained an approved sub-contractor team.

Do you provide a systems integration service?

In many ways Server Room Environments works as a systems integrator bringing together separate solutions into a combined solution for a client project. Solutions can range from power protection related items like uninterruptible power supplies to rack cabinets, cooling and environmental monitoring solutions.

Can you supply bespoke solutions?

The solutions we supply for server rooms and datacentres include standard off-the-shelf products some of which can be customised for a particular project. A typical example would be a UPS system supplied in a higher IP-rated cabinet for an industrial manufacturing site. Our engineering team can also supply bespoke designs which are manufactured to order […]

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