AKCP Current Transformers

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AKCP Current Transformers are designed for easy installation with a simple, fast, safe, and easy way to connect a monitoring system to your power supply. They can be used for sensing overload currents, ground fault detection, metering, metering to digital circuits and for facilities and building management.

AKCP split core current transformers that can be installed without opening any cable or bus bar circuit. The connection of conventional Current Transformers (CTs) usually requires the interruption of the primary side circuit to pass cables or bus bars through the transformer core or to connect such cables to the primary terminals. The AKCP transformers core can be easily opened and installed then connected without any supply interruption.

AKCP Current Transformers save you time and installation costs and can be safer to work with a compact size for easy mounting, wider inner window, allowing clamping of big cables or bus bars, wide range of sizes to accommodate all existing installations and offer high accuracy and reliability.

AKCP CTs connect to a securityProbe which its own interface to allow users to set parameters for monitoring and alarm alerts on a variety of measurement factors.