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General information and technical advice on power protection and uninterruptible power supply design for server rooms and datacentres.

How Edge Computing Will Drive Power Innovations

Micro Datacentres For Edge Computing

Whilst many everyday people are still trying to come to terms with and understand what ‘Cloud’ computing means along comes ‘Edge’ computing. The two are in fact inherently related. Few realise that Amazon through its AWS (Amazon Web Services) is one of the largest cloud-based datacentre service providers. Microsoft and Google are others. What these […]

What Is Your UPS Hardware Refresh Policy?

Modular UPS and Batteries

Technology refreshes provided opportunities to improve several operational performance and service areas within a datacentre and server room. Budgets allowing, progressive organisations have a hardware replacement policy for the major assets they operate. However, this tends to focus on ‘operational’ equipment rather than the hardware that is sometimes considered part of the support infrastructure. Examples […]

How to Select A Single Phase UPS System

Single Phase UPS Systems

In a server room or data centre environment, single phase UPS systems can play a critical role keeping file servers and IT networks running during a power outage. Even when the mains power supply is present a single-phase UPS can provide protection from mains borne power problems. Single Phase UPS System Checklist To make sure […]

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