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Removing, Relocating or Recycling Server Room Systems

Server Room Hardware Relocations

When considering a major server room or data centre refresh, it is important to consider the effect on existing infrastructure systems including: server rack cabinets, uninterruptible power supplies and air conditioning units. These are complex systems whose removal requires consideration of many factors including downtime, risk assessment and methods, logistics, decommissioning and environmental impacts. Planned […]

How To Recycle IT Hardware and Other Server Room Devices

Server Room Environments IT Recycling

There are many reasons why server rooms and datacentres can generate a high volume of materials for recycling. These can include equipment upgrade policies, shrinkage and general consumable replacements. Most servers have a 3-year warranty and with datacentres typically operating a 3-5 year replacement policy, this means that we can see many servers, computers and […]

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