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General information and technical advice on the design, selection and installation of server rack and cabinets for network closets, computer rooms, server rooms and datacentre environments.

Why Airflow Management is a Hot Topic for Data Centre Racks

Data Centre Airflow Management

Data centres and server rooms should be designed around the workload they have to support both from day-one and in the future. This is not always the case and many server room operations evolve from their initial concept, driven by changes in demands, workloads and technology. This can lead to inefficiencies and less than optimum […]

How Managing Server Rack Airflow Improves Energy Efficiency

Server Rack Air Flow Management

How you manage the air flow within your server racks can have a dramatic effect on the overall energy efficiency of your datacentre and specifically the server room area. The higher the temperature within the server space, the greater the need for cool air from your air conditioning system and its delivery to your server […]

Sizing Racks For Your Server Room Design

Custom Coloured Server Racks

When it comes to room design, it is vital to ensure you make the right choices in the selection of your server racks and cabinets. There are several topics to consider, all of which can impact the overall layout optimisation, functional efficiency and the future scalability of your room design. How Many Server Cabinets Are […]

How to Manage Server Rack Temperatures and Prevent Downtime

Server Rack Roof Fan Trays

Overheating kills electronics including servers, network switches, IT peripherals and UPS batteries. As we all know heat rises and so it makes sense to put the most heat sensitive items at the bottom of a server rack. Within a server room or data centre environment, the amount of power being drawn is high enough for […]

How To Choose A Server Cabinet

Server Room Environments Server Rack Cabinets

There are many challenges to installing the right server room racks and cabinets for your IT facility. If you don’t have a datacentre floor but have to focus on a small server room or back office or network closet, space in terms of footprint and ceiling heights can be challenging factors. These small data environments […]

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