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General information and technical advice on project management services available from Server Room Environments for the design, installation and maintenance of critical systems in server rooms and datacentre environments.

How to Dispose of e-Waste in the Datacentre Industry

IT E-waste Recovery and Recycling

Is the IT industry driven by technological developments or client needs? Sometimes it is not easy to define the drivers, but one thing is for sure. Innovation in the industry whether its for energy efficiency or scalability, cost reduction or power density, leads to the creation of e-waste or IT computers, servers, accessories, cabling, air […]

Managing Critical Infrastructure Projects

Server Room Environments Managing Critical Projects

The Association for Project Management (APM) is an organisation dedicated to developing and promoting project management through its FIVE Dimensions of Professionalism: Breadth, Depth, Achievement, Commitment and Accountability. Breadth refers to the knowledge required to manage any project. Depth refers to project management competences. Achievement is about how to progress your career. Commitment refers to […]

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