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General information and technical advice on how to select and install power distribution units (PDUs) including single and three phase PDUs in server racks used in server rooms and datacentre environments.

A Guide To Power Distribution Units In Datacentre Server Racks

PDUs in a Server Rack

Power distribution is sometimes viewed as one of the last decisions to make at the end of the critical power path within your server room or datacentre. The fact is that this is also one of the most important and critical. The reason is that, after investing in LV switchboards, uninterruptible power supplies and standby […]

How Intelligent PDUs Improve Data Centre Energy Usage

Intelligent PDUs

Datacentres need to look at their energy consumption not from a cost point of view but from the impact the industry, is making on the planet’s natural resources. One way to reduce this consumption is to adopt the most energy efficient systems be they for critical power, cooling, server technologies or infrastructure support in terms […]

How to Choose PDUs For Server Racks

Server Rack PDUs

Choosing the right power distribution units (PDUs) is a critical element when designing your power protection plan and server rack load management. But what is a PDU and which is the right type for your installation. A basic Power Distribution Unit or PDU is a strip of power sockets in a self-contained unit that may […]

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