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General information and technical advice on modular containers and containerised server rooms and datacentre including UPS systems, standby power generators and air conditioning sysems.

The Rise of Modular and Containerised Datacentres

Bespoke Modular Data Centres

The idea of using a shipping container to house a datacentre may not convey the same image as a ‘bricks and mortar’ building but is a very practical alternative. Prefabricated containers are the infrastructure backbone of many leading hyperscale cloud-serving organisations so why would you not consider this for your own on-site datacentre facility? The […]

What Is A Containerised Modular Data Centre?

Modular Containerised Data Centres

Modular Data Centres (MDCs) use standardised critical infrastructure systems and pre-engineered containers or cabins to provide a data centre that can be transported to its point of use and is more easily scalable than a traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ facilities. The roll outs of Edge computing and 5G provide further opportunities for the adoption of […]

Containerised Datacentres Save Time and Cost

Server Room Environments Modular Datacentres

Modular datacentres are becoming increasingly popular when it comes to providing a fast-to-build and deliver datacentre facility. Most modular datacentres are based on either a 20foot or 40foot ISO shipping container that has been salvaged and refurbished for the purpose. These large metal containers are already designed for trailer (and onboard ship) transportation and originally […]

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