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General information and technical advice on the different types of service contracts and maintenance contracts for critical systems including power protection and cooling units within server rooms and datacentre environments.

Emergency Call Outs, Warranties and UPS Maintenance Contracts

UPS Warranties and Emergency Call Outs

When you purchase a UPS system or any other type of capital goods like a precision cooling system, it is important to consider what is referred to in engineering as the bathtub curve. Why is this important? Well at some point during the working life of your new system you may have an alarm condition […]

The Importance of UPS Maintenance Plans and Periodic Inspections

UPS Maintenance Plans

We expect modern electronic and electrical systems to be energy efficient and require minimal preventative maintenance. How true is this of a modern high-efficiency uninterruptible power supply? It is important to remember that a UPS system is a critical device and one that is deployed to provide backup power in the event of a mains […]

UPS System Maintenance Checklists

UPS Battery Installation Testing

With winter upon us it is surprising how many uninterruptible power supplies are in use and not regularly maintained. Not surprising a lot of these UPS systems tend to be the smaller single phase and three phase UPS systems that can be scattered across a large site or hidden away in server racks and computer […]

Warranties, Service Contracts and Service Level Agreements

Server Room Environments - Service Maintenance Contracts

Warranties and guarantees, service contracts and service level agreements are all common terms used within many industries and no more so than within the datacentre and server room market spaces. Each of these differs in what they offer and cover. Warranty and Guarantee A warranty is a term of contract between a buyer and seller […]

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