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Calculating Heat Loads and Server Room Cooling Requirements

Server Room Split Air Conditioners

Very often IT closets, computer and server rooms are overlooked when it comes to cooling and environment monitoring and yet they can experience rapid heat build-up. One of the biggest issues is deciding how to calculate the actual cooling requirements and then how best to deliver this into the relatively small and confined spaces. Recommended […]

How to Use Backup Power and Generators to Protect Datacentre Systems

Backup Power Generators

Power cuts are inevitable and within a server room or datacentre environment the results can result in system downtime, erroneous errors and hardware failures. The electricity utilities continue to invest in their critical infrastructure to ensure that power outages are quickly identified and corrected. Substations are automated to rapid response power redistribution and engineering teams […]

Why Server Room Environments?

Server Room Environments Logo

Server Room Environments are at the forefront of the managed IT environment. We run our organisation as a ‘day-one’ business striving to deliver the ultimate customer service, innovative products and services. We are a UK based organisation with installations across the world. We work wherever a secure server environment is required. We design, build and […]

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