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General information and technical advice on relocating critical systems including IT servers, UPS power protection and cooling for server rooms and datacentre environments.

Relocating a UPS System or Generator To A New Location

Generator UPS Relocation

There are times when it is necessary to relocate a UPS system or generating set including moving within a building or to a completely new location. As with critical power related installation, removal or relocation should be considered as a project and be properly managed. Generator relocations typically follow the same project format as that […]

Removing, Relocating or Recycling Server Room Systems

Server Room Hardware Relocations

When considering a major server room or data centre refresh, it is important to consider the effect on existing infrastructure systems including: server rack cabinets, uninterruptible power supplies and air conditioning units. These are complex systems whose removal requires consideration of many factors including downtime, risk assessment and methods, logistics, decommissioning and environmental impacts. Planned […]

How To Plan A Computer Room System Relocation

Server Room Environments - Server Relocation

There are times when it will necessary to move a computer room or relocated systems within the computer room to another location. This can be a complex task depending on the type of system to be moved, whether it can be moved complete or requires dismantling and re-commissioning and whether the equipment is sensitive to […]

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