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General information and technical advice on how to implement fire suppression systems in server rooms and datacentre environments.

How to Reduce Fire Risks Within Computer Rooms

Computer Room Fire Risks

Many organisations today run an on-site server room and even with the growth of Cloud-based services and hyperscale data centres will continue to do so. Somewhere within the building, businesses and organisations need an IT facility to process and store data locally as well as connect them to external IT services and SaaS platforms. The […]

How To Protect A Server Room From Fire and Smoke Damage

Fire Protected Server Rooms

Your server room or data centre is one of the worst possible places for a fire to start. Business and organisation interruption are inevitable and whilst hardware can be replaced in time, very often up-to-date data cannot. Even if the fire is quickly contained, smoke from a fire can lead to extensive IT server and […]

Designing Datacentre Fire Suppression Systems

Server Room Environments Fire Suppression Systems

Datacentres and server rooms are in a constant state of evolution when it comes to the top three concerns of IT technology, critical power and critical cooling. As servers become more powerful, they need more power to support larger facilities and cloud based services. This in turn leads not only to the need for more […]

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