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General information and technical advice on how to implement environment monitoring including temperature, humidity, water, tamper and security systems monitoring in server rooms and datacentre environments and server racks.

Best Practice For Cooling Server Room and Datacentre Racks

Server Room Cooling Solutions

Many computer room and server closets start out with a single server and quickly grow as more capacity is added. New servers and routers are typically added to an existing server racks or new rack cabinets brought into the facility to extend the capabilities. This can also happen within existing server rooms and datacentres. Sometimes […]

Wireless Environment Monitoring At The Edge

Edge Environment Monitoring Systems

Over the last 30 years we have seen data processing move from centralised datacentre locations with plug-in terminals to decentralised on-site server rooms operating standalone IT networks. The latest trend is to push the decentralised concept even further using Edge computing and connection to hyperscale datacentres via Cloud-based applications. The reason behind many IT innovations […]

How Server Rack Temperature Monitoring Prevents Downtime

Server Rack Monitoring Systems

Server rooms and data centres try to maintain a comfortable ambient temperature and this in the main is for the people working within the IT rooms and to protect the lead acid batteries within any associated uninterruptible power supplies. Servers and electronic IT devices can work at higher ambient temperatures. So why is it important […]

Server Room Environmental Monitoring Systems

Server Room Environments Environmental Monitoring

Whether you run a small server room, enterprise datacentre or colocation facility it is vital that you have an environmental monitoring system in place as part of your critical infrastructure. The information from an environmental monitoring system will help to keep the facility resilient, efficient and optimised. Such a system can also help to prevent […]

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