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General information and technical advice on how to carry out energy efficiency and energy usage audits in server rooms and datacentre environments.

How To Plan An Energy Efficient Server Room

Server Room Air Flow

Through out the UK server rooms and datacentres face unprecedented pressures related to energy usage. The first issue is one of securing a reliable power supply and the second is one of how to use power most efficiently within the computing environment. The UK national grid has traditionally had a high capacity of reserve supply. […]

Improving Server Room and Datacentre Energy Efficiency

Server Room Air Cooling

Demand for on-site server rooms continues to grow at a similar pace to that for ‘Cloud’ based datacentre services. This may seem strange but not all organisations want to move their data processing operations to remote colocation datacentres (Colos). These organisations want to have their own ‘local’ operations and/or retain some aspect of control of […]

The Energy Efficiency Audit Process

Server Room Environments - Energy Efficiency Audits

Energy efficiency is one of the most critical aspects of any datacentre or server room environment to monitor and control. The reason for this is the rising cost of energy within the UK and for large-scale users the amount of money any electricity usage drains from operating budgets. It is important when carrying out an […]

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