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General information and technical advice on hot and cold aisle containment systems for server rooms and datacentres.

How to Improve Datacentre Energy Efficiency Using Aisle Containment

Datacentre Cold Hot Aisle Containment

The problem of how to efficiently cool server rooms and datacentres is become more complex. Today’s IT environment can include a mixture of IT servers including high density racks leading to ‘hot-spots’ within racks and spread throughout a server environment. Edge computing will increase the complexity of the problem using remote compute facilities that may […]

How to Manage Sudden Server Room Temperature Rises

Server Room Thermal Imaging

With weather patterns in the UK forecast to become more erratic we are seeing a greater focus being placed on how to design a server room to ensure it is adequately cooled. This summer saw a large rise in demand for emergency air conditioning and cooling units as some server rooms struggled to maintain a […]

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