How Intelligent PDUs Improve Data Centre Energy Usage

Intelligent PDUs

Datacentres need to look at their energy consumption not from a cost point of view but from the impact the industry, is making on the planet’s natural resources. One way to reduce this consumption is to adopt the most energy efficient systems be they for critical power, cooling, server technologies or infrastructure support in terms […]

How Server Rack Temperature Monitoring Prevents Downtime

Server Rack Monitoring Systems

Server rooms and data centres try to maintain a comfortable ambient temperature and this in the main is for the people working within the IT rooms and to protect the lead acid batteries within any associated uninterruptible power supplies. Servers and electronic IT devices can work at higher ambient temperatures. So why is it important […]

How A UPS Maintenance Bypass Switch Installation Reduces Downtime

UPS Maintenance Bypass Arrangement

Uninterruptible power supplies are installed as ‘in-series’ devices between their connected loads and the mains power supply. The use of an external maintenance bypass arrangement allows the UPS to be withdrawn from service without disruption to the connected loads. Internal UPS Maintenance Bypass Switch Most hard-wired UPS systems from 10kVA upwards (single and three phase) […]

The Future for Datacentre and Server Backup Power Solutions

Lithium-ion Datacentre Backup Power Solutions

The UPS system or uninterruptible power supply that we know today evolved from the oil industry and its need for backup power protection for computer operations in the 1960s. Today’s UPS systems provide a similar solution, but the world of backup power has changed dramatically since that period driven by a host of factors and […]

Green Data Centre and Server Room Operations with CEEDA and ISO 50001

Energy Efficient Data Centre Operations

Energy efficiency is a growing concern for many organisations and no more so than in the world of data centres and server rooms. Apart from reducing carbon footprints and acting in more environmentally friendly way, energy efficiency also impacts the bottom line in terms of reduce electricity bills. CEEDA and ISO50001 certifications are ways to […]

How to Recover and Recycle UPS Batteries

The Manufacturing of Lithium Ion Batteries

The primary energy storage component within an uninterruptible power supply is its battery set. Whether this is short runtime battery providing less than 5 minutes runtime or a larger battery set covering several hours of backup, the battery set would be based on a lead acid battery. During the last couple of years lithium-ion battery […]

A Design Guide and Checklist For Server Room Facilities

Server Room Design Layouts

As confidence has increased in Cloud-based operations, many organisations in the private and public sectors are outsourcing some of their services and facilities. The typical providers of these Cloud-based services include colocation and enterprise datacentres some of which are in the hyperscale-size range. Those services and facilities that are not outsourced remain in-house and are […]

Emergency Call Outs, Warranties and UPS Maintenance Contracts

UPS Warranties and Emergency Call Outs

When you purchase a UPS system or any other type of capital goods like a precision cooling system, it is important to consider what is referred to in engineering as the bathtub curve. Why is this important? Well at some point during the working life of your new system you may have an alarm condition […]

The Importance of UPS Maintenance Plans and Periodic Inspections

UPS Maintenance Plans

We expect modern electronic and electrical systems to be energy efficient and require minimal preventative maintenance. How true is this of a modern high-efficiency uninterruptible power supply? It is important to remember that a UPS system is a critical device and one that is deployed to provide backup power in the event of a mains […]

A Guide To Replacing Lead Acid UPS Batteries In A Datacentre

Replacement UPS Batteries

Over 80% of all uninterruptible power supply service issues are battery related. UPS batteries age whether in use or in storage. This is because a battery stores electrical energy using a chemical process and their working life is dependent upon a number of factors including: charge/discharge cycles, operational temperature, charging technique and their overall design […]

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