Why Structured Cabling Suits Datacentre Environments

Server Room Environments - Data Cable Installation

In the IT industry point-to-point network cabling has been the de-facto standard for almost 25 years when connecting control networks or interconnected devices. As datacentres expand their processing power and capacity through virtualisation and more powerful servers, a higher speed, higher density and larger scale network cabling approach is required and the best alternative is […]

Managing Critical Infrastructure Projects

Server Room Environments Managing Critical Projects

The Association for Project Management (APM) is an organisation dedicated to developing and promoting project management through its FIVE Dimensions of Professionalism: Breadth, Depth, Achievement, Commitment and Accountability. Breadth refers to the knowledge required to manage any project. Depth refers to project management competences. Achievement is about how to progress your career. Commitment refers to […]

How To Design An Air Conditioning Installation

Server Room Environments Computer Room Air Conditioners

When it comes to designing server room air conditioning systems the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach just doesn’t work. Every building and room is different and will have its own thermodynamic and physical properties, usage and demands. Whilst we are principally known for our server room and datacentre air conditioning systems, we also supply, install and maintain cooling […]

Planning Server Room Electrical Projects

Server Room Environments - Electrical Installations

Electrical installations work is carried out by our qualified teams of electricians and electrical contractors. These engineers are both certified and qualified to provide the necessary levels of expertise and skills required whether the job is to install electrical lighting, single or three phase wiring circuits, extensions and distribution boxes to complete electrical fit-outs and […]

How To Recycle IT Hardware and Other Server Room Devices

Server Room Environments IT Recycling

There are many reasons why server rooms and datacentres can generate a high volume of materials for recycling. These can include equipment upgrade policies, shrinkage and general consumable replacements. Most servers have a 3-year warranty and with datacentres typically operating a 3-5 year replacement policy, this means that we can see many servers, computers and […]

Warranties, Service Contracts and Service Level Agreements

Server Room Environments - Service Maintenance Contracts

Warranties and guarantees, service contracts and service level agreements are all common terms used within many industries and no more so than within the datacentre and server room market spaces. Each of these differs in what they offer and cover. Warranty and Guarantee A warranty is a term of contract between a buyer and seller […]

Designing Datacentre Fire Suppression Systems

Server Room Environments Fire Suppression Systems

Datacentres and server rooms are in a constant state of evolution when it comes to the top three concerns of IT technology, critical power and critical cooling. As servers become more powerful, they need more power to support larger facilities and cloud based services. This in turn leads not only to the need for more […]

Server Room Environmental Monitoring Systems

Server Room Environments Environmental Monitoring

Whether you run a small server room, enterprise datacentre or colocation facility it is vital that you have an environmental monitoring system in place as part of your critical infrastructure. The information from an environmental monitoring system will help to keep the facility resilient, efficient and optimised. Such a system can also help to prevent […]

Cleaning Your Critical IT Environment

Server Room Environments - Server Room Cleaning

Datacentres and server rooms are like any other building space. Airborne contamination is inevitable. Sources will include the equipment being used within the rooms and the people entering them and nearby sources including other offices, industrial parks and traffic. The fact is that any air sample contains particles that can have travelled hundreds if not […]

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