What Is the Best Server Room Layout Design?

Server Room Design Floor Layout

Our projects engineers come across many types of IT closets and computer room installations and are given the task of turning these into best practice server rooms. Many of these rooms start out with the best of intentions with equipment added sporadically to support new services and growth within an organisation. So how do we […]

The Rise of Modular and Containerised Datacentres

Bespoke Modular Data Centres

The idea of using a shipping container to house a datacentre may not convey the same image as a ‘bricks and mortar’ building but is a very practical alternative. Prefabricated containers are the infrastructure backbone of many leading hyperscale cloud-serving organisations so why would you not consider this for your own on-site datacentre facility? The […]

Selecting an Uninterruptible Power Supply for Your Server Room

Rack Mount Uninterruptible Power Supply

There are two fundamentals to cover when designing server room in terms of critical infrastructure. The first is cooling and the sizing of an air conditioning system to remove heat generated by the servers and provide a suitable working ambient. The second is the choice and sizing of a suitable uninterruptible power supply. UPS Systems […]

The Role of Micro Data Centres in 5G Wireless Applications

Micro Data Centres for 5G Applications

Cisco predicts a tripling of digital traffic over the next five years, led by developments in Edge computing and the deployment of 5G wireless technologies. For data processing at the Edge, new types of datacentre are being developed including Micro Data Centres (MDCs) which will also play a role in 5G wireless connectivity. Micro Data […]

When Is The Right Time To Refurbish Your Datacentre?

Server Room and Datacentre Refurbishment Projects

For many organisations, there is no right time to refurbish their server room or datacentre environments. In use 24/7 means that any refresh whether of a critical system or the entire facility is going to result in a period of downtime. However, most facilities are designed with a set working lifetime of 10-15 years and […]

How to Use Backup Power and Generators to Protect Datacentre Systems

Backup Power Generators

Power cuts are inevitable and within a server room or datacentre environment the results can result in system downtime, erroneous errors and hardware failures. The electricity utilities continue to invest in their critical infrastructure to ensure that power outages are quickly identified and corrected. Substations are automated to rapid response power redistribution and engineering teams […]

Why Server Rooms Are Installing Micro Data Centres

Micro Data Centres for server rooms

The datacentre industry is always evolving, and many organisations face a growing demand to combine on-site computing with hyperscale based cloud services. Few will outsource all their IT functions and will retain an on-site server room but what will this look like in the future? The answer to this lies in how the organisation intends […]

What Is A Containerised Modular Data Centre?

Modular Containerised Data Centres

Modular Data Centres (MDCs) use standardised critical infrastructure systems and pre-engineered containers or cabins to provide a data centre that can be transported to its point of use and is more easily scalable than a traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ facilities. The roll outs of Edge computing and 5G provide further opportunities for the adoption of […]

How To Improve the Energy Efficiency of Datacentre UPS Systems

Modular UPS Electronics

Energy efficiency is a key metric within server rooms and datacentres. For many colocation and hyperscale datacentres, monitoring how efficiently energy is used is as much about benchmarking as it about reducing electricity bills. Server room and datacentre hardware manufacturers continue to invest in and develop the energyeffiency of their systems. Whether it is a […]

The Energy Efficiency Benefits of Cold and Hot Aisle Containment

Hot and Cold Ailse Containment

As datacentres look to increase their energy efficiency and provide predictable cooling to their high-density racks, they are faced the choice of whether to adopt hot-aisle or cold-aisle containment. Aisle containment can offer benefits to both existing and new build datacentres and can help to remove ‘hot-spots’ and deliver uniform air temperatures to server inlets. […]

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