Designing Standby Power Generators For Datacentres

Datacentre Standby Power Generators

Generators provide mechanically generated electrical power by converting a fuel source including diesel, liquid petroleum gas or bio-fuels in electrical energy. The generators we most commonly use within a UPS installation are used on what is known as a standby power mode. The alternative to this is prime power mode where the generator is run […]

How To Choose Between Single and Three Phase UPS Systems

Sometimes it is easy within a server room or data centre environment to take for granted the relative ease with which we can simply plug IT network servers and peripherals into a PDU outlet or UPS powered socket. These connections form the final element of what we term the ‘critical power’ path. They are the […]

How to Reduce Fire Risks Within Computer Rooms

Computer Room Fire Risks

Many organisations today run an on-site server room and even with the growth of Cloud-based services and hyperscale data centres will continue to do so. Somewhere within the building, businesses and organisations need an IT facility to process and store data locally as well as connect them to external IT services and SaaS platforms. The […]

How To Protect A Server Room From Fire and Smoke Damage

Fire Protected Server Rooms

Your server room or data centre is one of the worst possible places for a fire to start. Business and organisation interruption are inevitable and whilst hardware can be replaced in time, very often up-to-date data cannot. Even if the fire is quickly contained, smoke from a fire can lead to extensive IT server and […]

Sizing Racks For Your Server Room Design

Custom Coloured Server Racks

When it comes to room design, it is vital to ensure you make the right choices in the selection of your server racks and cabinets. There are several topics to onsider, all of which can impact the overall layout optimisation, functional efficiency and the future scalability of your room design. How Many Server Cabinets Are […]

Liquid-based Critical Cooling Systems For Data Centres

Critical Liquid Cooling Systems

The world is not getting any cooler and in the data centre industry critical cooling is becoming one of the prime areas for energy saving. Unlike the uninterruptible power supplies used within a critical power path, which are already approaching their maximum available energy efficiency (>97% in on-line mode) critical cooling has a long way […]

Wireless Environment Monitoring At The Edge

Edge Environment Monitoring Systems

Over the last 30 years we have seen data processing move from centralised datacentre locations with plug-in terminals to decentralised on-site server rooms operating standalone IT networks. The latest trend is to push the decentralised concept even further using Edge computing and connection to hyperscale datacentres via Cloud-based applications. The reason behind many IT innovations […]

How To Plan Electrical Works For UPS Installations

Datacentre UPS Electrical Installation Works

An uninterruptible power supply will provide years of reliable service if it is installed correctly and maintained. Whether your server room or datacentre has single or three phase UPS systems, similar planning is required to ensure that the UPS is installed correctly and powers all the loads it is expected to. Transporting UPS Systems to […]

A Guide To Power Distribution Units In Datacentre Server Racks

PDUs in a Server Rack

Power distribution is sometimes viewed as one of the last decisions to make at the end of the critical power path within your server room or datacentre. The fact is that this is also one of the most important and critical. The reason is that, after investing in LV switchboards, uninterruptible power supplies and standby […]

How to Manage Server Rack Temperatures and Prevent Downtime

Server Rack Roof Fan Trays

Overheating kills electronics including servers, network switches, IT peripherals and UPS batteries. As we all know heat rises and so it makes sense to put the most heat sensitive items at the bottom of a server rack. Within a server room or data centre environment, the amount of power being drawn is high enough for […]

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