Designing Datacentre Fire Suppression Systems

Server Room Environments Fire Suppression Systems

Datacentres and server rooms are in a constant state of evolution when it comes to the top three concerns of IT technology, critical power and critical cooling. As servers become more powerful, they need more power to support larger facilities and cloud based services. This in turn leads not only to the need for more […]

Server Room Environmental Monitoring Systems

Server Room Environments Environmental Monitoring

Whether you run a small server room, enterprise datacentre or colocation facility it is vital that you have an environmental monitoring system in place as part of your critical infrastructure. The information from an environmental monitoring system will help to keep the facility resilient, efficient and optimised. Such a system can also help to prevent […]

Cleaning Your Critical IT Environment

Server Room Environments - Server Room Cleaning

Datacentres and server rooms are like any other building space. Airborne contamination is inevitable. Sources will include the equipment being used within the rooms and the people entering them and nearby sources including other offices, industrial parks and traffic. The fact is that any air sample contains particles that can have travelled hundreds if not […]

How To Choose A Server Cabinet

Server Room Environments Server Rack Cabinets

There are many challenges to installing the right server room racks and cabinets for your IT facility. If you don’t have a datacentre floor but have to focus on a small server room or back office or network closet, space in terms of footprint and ceiling heights can be challenging factors. These small data environments […]

How To Plan A Computer Room System Relocation

Server Room Environments - Server Relocation

There are times when it will necessary to move a computer room or relocated systems within the computer room to another location. This can be a complex task depending on the type of system to be moved, whether it can be moved complete or requires dismantling and re-commissioning and whether the equipment is sensitive to […]

A Hire, Rental and Leasing Checklist For IT Managers


Many systems connected with a server room or datacentre environment can be hired on a short-term rental basis or even leased over a longer term. These can include systems within the white space including servers, air conditioners and UPS systems to plant room systems including chillers and larger UPS and standby power generators. It is also possible today to consider rental of a complete modular datacentre or power system within a containerised building.

Containerised Datacentres Save Time and Cost

Server Room Environments Modular Datacentres

Modular datacentres are becoming increasingly popular when it comes to providing a fast-to-build and deliver datacentre facility. Most modular datacentres are based on either a 20foot or 40foot ISO shipping container that has been salvaged and refurbished for the purpose. These large metal containers are already designed for trailer (and onboard ship) transportation and originally […]

Designing Datacentre Security Systems

Server Room Environment - Biometric Security Systems

A datacentre provides a secure and management environment for server facilities. How datacentre organisations across the world approach the ‘secure’ element of this definition has some very common factors. The most secure and safe datacentre infrastructures are designed to prevent intrusion, based on multiple layers and if single one is penetrated, then to be able […]

Why Server Room Environments?

Server Room Environments Logo

Server Room Environments are at the forefront of the managed IT environment. We run our organisation as a ‘day-one’ business striving to deliver the ultimate customer service, innovative products and services. We are a UK based organisation with installations across the world. We work wherever a secure server environment is required. We design, build and […]

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