APC Rack PDU 2G Switched 21 C13 3 C19 Outlets 11kW 400V 3-Phase Input

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The APC Switched Rack 2G PDU with 21xC13 and 3xC19 outlets and an 11kW 400Vac three phase 50Hz input, is a vertical mount rack power distribution unit for server racks and network cabinets. The PDU provides individual outlet switching for power cycling and total PDU load power metering. The PDU is designed for single phase loads and is supplied with an installation guide, rack mounting and user manual.

AP8981 APC Rack PDU 2G Switched Features

  • Low Cost Power Distribution: the PDU provides 21xC13 and 3xC19 outlets for load connection via power cords
  • Single Input Power Source: provides a supply to multiple devices from a single branch supply to help manage power distribution
  • Rack Mount: designed for vertical installation in a server rack or cabinet
  • Power Delays: to allow users to configure the sequence in which power is turned ON/OFF for each outlet in order to prioritise load start-ups, avoid in-rush surges on load power up and prevent circuit overloads
  • Remote Individual Outlet Control:to allow outlets to be turned ON/OFF in order to prevent circuit overloads and reboot locked-up servers and networking devices
  • Network Remote Management Interface: to provide standards-based management via a Web interface, SNMP and Telnet protocols to allow users to remotely access, configure and manage the PDU and easily upgrade firmware
  • Alarm Thresholds: to define alarm (network and visual) thresholds and avoid overload circuit conditions
  • Built-in Digital Display and Load LED: the digital display shows the total current drawn by the PDU and the LED indicates when a user-defined alarm threshold has been reached
  • Flash Upgradeable Firmware: to enable the PDU firmware to be easily upgraded for new features
  • StruxureWare Data Center Expert Compatible: integrates with the APC by Schneider data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) package through which it is possible to provide scalable access monitoring, collect, organise and distributes critical alerts, surveillance video and key information, and provide a unified view of complex physical infrastructure environments via an IP network