AKCP Pan Tilt Dome Digital Cameras

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AKCP Pan Tilt Dome Digital Cameras use high resolution CCD cameras from Sony. The pictures are stunning even in low light conditions. The camera features AWB (Auto White Balance), and has a horizontal resolution of 640 pixels per line, with 625 lines (interlaced). The sensor is a 1/3inch interline CCD with excellent low light sensitivity of 0.5 lux at f1.2.

The camera comes in 2 versions: PAL and NTSC, to conform to regional Video Broadcast Standards. Multiple cameras on one system must be of the same type, PAL or NTSC.

Live full-color streaming video is available at up to 30fps via the web interface, and up to 50 streams of video can be accessed simultaneously. Standard JPG format pictures are used, allowing the use of third party host tools to store and analyse the JPG pictures. All pictures are in the Standard JPG format and the Standard CIF picture size is 352×288 pixels or VGA (640×480).

The camera has 4 built-in pan and tilt controllers to control the high precision stepper motors in the Pan Tilt Dome Digital Camera, which can pan the camera left to right and up or down. This allows the Administrator to adjust the viewing angle of the camera over the network via the web interface. Administrator level access gives you control of the brightness and contrast of the image.

Connected to AKCPro Server management software, the cameras are automatically recognised and intuitive wizards can be used to customise recording parameters and notifications. The cameras can be set to record upon a Time or Sensor Event or 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week.